Fixing a Leaky Metal Cat Water Fountain: Easy Fixes

You’ve got this sleek metal cat water fountain, right? Keep your furry buddy hydrated and looking essential. But hey, sometimes things go a little haywire, and you find it leaking.


No worries! In this guide, we’ll break down some straightforward steps to get your metal cat water fountain back in action.

Step 1: Safety first

Before we introduce ourselves, make sure the metal cat water fountain is switched off and unplugged. Safety’s the name of the game here, folks.

Step 2: Look for obvious leaks.

Take a close-up look at your fountain. Check it out for any water droplets, damp spots, or sneaky leaks around seams and connections. Sometimes, a loose part might be playing tricks on you.

Step 3: Give the reservoir a once-over.

Most cat water fountains have a removable water container. Pull it out and inspect it for any cracks, holes, or damage. If you spot something, it might be time for a new one, following what the manufacturer says.

Step 4: Check the pump and tubing.

The water pump and tubing are like the engines of your fountain. Examine the tubing for cracks or loose bits. Give the pump a good look to see if it’s worn out or damaged. If things don’t look right, you might need new parts.

Step 5: Tighten Things Up

Sometimes all it takes is a little tightening. Get snug with all those fittings, connectors, and seals inside your fountain. Don’t go overboard, though; you don’t want to break stuff. Hand-tightening should do the trick.

Step 6: Tame That Water Flow

How’s the water flowing in there? If it’s too wild and splashy, that could be the leak’s culprit. Adjust the flow if your fountain has those settings. Most do, and you can make it gentler.

Step 7: Drainage Check

Some fountains have a drainage system that sends extra water back to the container. Make sure it’s doing its job and not clogged up.

Step 8: Put It Back Together

After you’ve tinkered and fixed stuff, follow the maker’s instructions to put your metal cat water fountain back together. Make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. Plug it in and switch it on to see if the leaks have said goodbye.

Step 9: Keep an eye out

Keep watch for a few hours to make sure the leak doesn’t sneak back. If it does, no worries. Repeat these steps or hit up the manufacturer’s support for backup.


A leaky metal cat water fountain might throw you a curveball, but with some easy troubleshooting and regular maintenance, you’ll have it purring again in no time.

Don’t forget to give it a once-over every now and then to keep it leak-free and your furry friend happy and hydrated.